Why Ireland


Getting to and from Ireland has never been easier or more affordable with daily direct flights to Ireland from a wide range of cities in the UK, Europe and the US, along with multiple weekly flights from the Emirates.

Value For Money

Ireland is part of the geographical and economic area that has adopted the Euro currency, making it attractive for delegates from EU countries. In terms of hotel stock, Ireland is considered to have some of the best hotel, guesthouses, at some of the most competitive prices. Apart from accommodation, Ireland offers some of the best value for money on food, beverages, tourist sites and events.

Tax Refunds

Over the course of any visit to Ireland, the accumulation of tax refunds can be a significate saving to visitors.  Ireland offers the opportunity to reclaim Vat on accommodation and offers an attractive rate of 9% on tourism services.


41 Shades of Green

Irish tourism fully supports sustainable-tourism, with a series of environmental action plans. In many respects, the performance of tourism is inextricably linked with assets outside of the sector’s control or influence; beautiful scenic landscapes, our built heritage and our unique Irish culture. These are assets to be nurtured and enhanced. State support, strategically focused, plays a pivotal role in creating the conditions within which individual tourism enterprises can adapt and grow, by protecting and enhancing access to these key assets and by equipping enterprises, predominately small, with the necessary skills and insights to flourish.

Culture & Heritage

Cultural tourism is a very broad term. It encompasses a wide spectrum of heritage and cultural experiences that generally involve festivals, events, artistic performances, cultural activities, museums, galleries and so on. Culture plays a key role in choosing a destination for any event, corporate gathering or incentive trip.


Obviously, food experience is a most important part of any visitor to Ireland.  Over the last 15 years, Ireland has built a world-class food industry with standards that would match any other country in the world.

With tasty and tantalising options in any of our associate restaurants, hotels or venues Ei Travel Group can assure you or your group that we will serve world-class food every time.